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About SLM machine

Vertical injection molding machine , plastic crusher, vortex blower and EPS compactor major manufacturer since 1991. we have two factories located in China mainland for manufacturing different machines. Our customers cover more than 45 countries worldwide, The molding machine used for making Power Plug, Computer cable, Adapter, Connector, Key, Plastic Zipper, Frame of Glasses, Scissors, Knife handle, Tooth Brush handle, PE tube head jointing, antennas for Cellular Phone, Electronic Parts, Filter, Artificial Flower, PU parts and various products needs insert metal into plastic, it can used for wide range application.

Our machines are widely used in injecting kinds of thermoplastic, PVC, PP, PE, PU, TPE, Engineering plastic, Nylon, glass fiber, PBT, BMC. Bakelite.. Etc.

Satisfying European and US buyers for 18 years
Through our adherence to international quality standards

We are the first company that make EPS compactors in China and we have three typs , 12 models for our diffrent customers demands . we got patent from Chinese goverment in 2001 .

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