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SPECIFICATIONSModel XGB peripheral air pumpI. Working PrincipleThe impeller of peripheral air pump is composed of a score of vanes. It is similar as enormous the impeller of turbine. When the impeller …
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Model XGB peripheral air pump

I. Working Principle

The impeller of peripheral air pump is composed of a score of vanes. It is similar as enormous the impeller of turbine. When the impeller of the peripheral air pump is spinning, the air between the impeller vane move towards the brim of impeller pushed by centrifugal force. The air there will not enter circular cavity of pump and return to the impeller. It circulates by the same way at the starting point. As air is accelerated circularly, so it leaves gas pump with extremely high energy.(Its pressure is 12-17 times that of centrifugal fan of similar diameter)

II. Structural Characteristics

Peripheral air pump has compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise, needing no gear change mechanism. Apart from bearing, all other parts have no direct contact and friction and the gas has no water and oil.

III. Usage

Model XGB peripheral air pump is a kind of dual-purpose device of blowing and inspiration. It is chiefly used in paper cutter, screen printing machine, photography plate cutter, cigarette filter tip forming machine, environmental protection water treatment, dust removing and ventilating, electroplating groove fluid agitating, fish farming oxygen adding, injection machine, automatic feeding drier, atomization drier, liquid loading machine, powder loading machine, electric welding equipment, film machinery, paper transport, clothes finishing and ironing, drying washing, gas conveying, feeding collection etc.

IV. Usage and Maintenance

1. Air pump is put stable places and the environment must be clean, dry and ventilating.

2. The impeller spinning direction of the air pump must be accordant with that of arrowhead of fan cover.

3. The air pumps without filler nozzle should be maintained periodically according to general motor and add grease at the two ends of the bearing; the air pumps with filler nozzle should be add grease periodically once a week using Model HG80-2Q pressure bar gun (grease belongs to No.3 molybdenum trisulfide lithium grease or 7018 high-speed grease)

Model XGB peripheral air pump output and input characteristic curve

 1.3 KW1.5KW1.5KW


Pump No.Max Pressure
Ordinary Working PressureMax Vacuum Degree
Max Flux
       (m 3 /h)
Electric Motor
Overall Dimensions ( mm )
XGB-311.7< 1014501.13473751856553180280330Φ10190M50×1.5
XGB-435< 22.52633044404602157065200305430Φ12238G2"
XGB-530< 202025034404602157065200305430Φ12238G2"
XGB-6G38< 28.526.53605.5525560

XGB-6GA42< 31304807.5

XGB-724.5< 1816.671602.24204002157065200305400Φ12238G2"
XGB-8G10.79< 89.8400.37250245140507783205230Φ10140G1¼"
XGB-918< 13.5151301.53931102158463200305356Φ12213G2"
XGB-10A50< 403070011700650


XGB-1118< 12141101.13473751856553180280324Φ10190M50×1.5
XGB-1215.6< 912.3900.55350310160567583205310Φ10320M50×1.5
XGB-1317.5< 10.513.71000.75333290160567583205300Φ10320M50×1.5

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